Flexi Learning

Flexi Schooling is offered by Newcastle C of E Primary School. It is an arrangement between the parents and school where a child is registered at our school in the usual way but attends the classrooms part time. For the remainder of the time, the child is home educated. The number of children being home educated is growing, both nationally and locally.

Our school is uniquely placed to offer a flexi schooling option for parents who currently electively home educate their children. Our beautiful small school offers a warm, welcoming family feel which provides a rich and engaging curriculum; designed to meet the needs of all our children. We believe that we are able to provide an educational experience that allows each child the opportunity to flourish. 

Welcoming children, who are currently home educated on a part time basis, into our school family will enrich the experience of all children and further strengthen what is an amazing little school. We are also confident that the home-learning community can also bring valuable experiences, backgrounds and skill-sets to our school. It could be the best of both educational worlds. 

If you would like any further information or wish to visit the school, please email Chris Richards (Lead Teacher): richards.c@bhf.shropshire.sch.uk or phone 01588 640260. 

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